Princeton Ethical Humanist Fellowship
Schedule of Platform Meetings

for 2000-2001

Latest additions and updates: April 23, 2001

Everyone is invited to attend

Sundays at 10:45 a.m.,
Stuart Hall, at Princeton Theological Seminary.

See Local Directions or email Princeton Ethical Humanist Fellowship
Or telephone: 609-588-8694 ... or 609-683-8382 ... or 609-924-6492

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March 2001 ... April 2001... May - June 2001

Fall 2000

September 2000

Sept 10 -- Jean Somerville Kotkin, Ethical Culture Leader
"The Women of Ethical Culture"

Sept 17 -- Valerie Brown, PEHF Member
"The subject is Cuba"

Sept 24 -- Charles Vail, Member, PEHF Board of Trustees

October 2000

Oct 1 -- Colloquy: A time for reflection and sharing
This month's topic word will be "Faith"

Oct 8 -- Fred Mayer, Mid-Atlantic Earth Institute
"The Institute's Programs -- voluntary simplicity, deep ecology,
sustainable living, discovering a sense of place"

Oct 15 -- Walter Vesper, PEHF Member
"Ethics, Forgiveness, and Competing Moral Values"

Oct 22 -- Gene Queval, PEHF President
"United Nations Day"

Oct 29 -- Steve Walzer, New Jersey Green Party
"Where The Green Party Stands in the Election"

November 2000

Nov 5 -- Michel Mockers, Artist, founder of "Friends of Phoenix"
"Media Arts"

Nov 12 -- Tony Tucker, friend of the PEHF
"Ethics In Everyday Business"

Nov 19 -- Micah White, President of the Princeton Campus Freethought Alliance
"Topic To Be Announced"

Nov 26 -- Charles Vail, PEHF Trustee and Newsletter Editor
"Not Your Usual Platform Address"
A structured discussion of the values and beliefs underlying
our Fellowship -- as discussed in his October Editorial

December 2000

Dec 3 -- Walter Pietch, founder of ARISE
"The Second Revolution"

Dec 10 -- Dave Silverman, NJ State Director, American Atheists
"The Year In Review"

Dec 17 -- Gwendolyn Jones, Garden State Story League
"A Mirror of Life: Questions and Answers"
A traditional tale

Dec 24 -- Charlie Vail, PEHF Trustee
"Celebrating the Winter Solstice"
A brief historical summary, followed by a small observance of our own.

Dec 31 -- New Year's Eve Celebration, 12:00 noon
NOTE: This will NOT be held at the Seminary!
Please call Carole Zissman (732-355-1751)
for directions and menu coordination

Spring 2001

January 2001

Jan 7 -- Colloquy: A Time for Reflection and Sharing
This month's topic word will be "Foolishness"

Jan 14 -- Walter Vesper, PEHF member
"Religion and Small Blue Marbles: Strengths and Perils of Modern Religious Thought"

Jan 21 -- Steve Slaby , Prof. Emeritus, Princeton University
[Canceled because of snow. Rescheduled for February 18]

Jan 28 -- Participatory Platform, Walter Vesper, moderator
"How Each of Us Came to the PEHF"

February 2001

Feb 4 -- Colloquy: A Time for Reflection and Sharing
This month's topic word will be "Forethought"

Feb 11 -- Stephen Franzman, Heart transplant recipient and
member of the Executive Board, Sharing Network
"Celebrating The Gift of Life"

Feb 18 -- Steve Slaby , Prof. Emeritus, Princeton University
"AmeriKKKa Über Alles: Developing Fascist Mind in America"

Feb 25 -- Charles Vail, PEHF Board Member
"Thinking About Seasonal Celebrations for the PEHF"

March 2001

Mar 4 -- Walter Vesper, PEHF member
"Grandmothers, Astronauts and Constantinople:
Approaching change in the Twenty-first Century"

Mar 11 -- Colloquy: A Time for Reflection and Sharing
This month's topic word will be "Forgiving"

Mar 18 -- Karen Larsen, "Isles"
"Neighborhood Development: Cooperative Self-Sufficiency"

Mar 25 -- Rosalie Giffoniello
"Topic To Be Announced"

April 2001

Apr 1 -- Debra Lambo, LCSW, member of THE GRAIL
"About THE GRAIL, an international ecumenical women's movement"

Apr 8 -- Colloquy: A Time for Reflection and Sharing
This month's topic word will be "Freedom"

Apr 15 -- Charles Vail, PEHF Board member
"A Celebration of Spring"
[Mr. Vail instead made a presentation on the Masonic movement
-- of which he is a long-standing member --
covering its history, traditions and current character.

Apr 22 -- Valerie Brown, PEHF member
"Forgiveness / Reconciliation"

Apr 29 -- Walter Lawton, Ethical Culture Leader and
former Dean of the National Leaders Council
"Ethical Culturists Do Not Have To Be
Metaphysical Orphans"

May & June 2001

May 6 -- -- Walter Vesper, PEHF member
"The Failure of Religious Language"

May 13 -- Bill Brower, Prof. Emeritus, Princeton Theological Seminary
"Some Poetry Worth Reciting"

May 20 -- Tod Ensign , of Citizen Soldier
"The Challenge of Militarism in the Bush/Cheney Era"

May 27 -- Richard Reichart, PEHF member
Felix Adler's "First Steps Towards A Religion"

June 3 -- A Program From the PEHF Board
"Ending Our Season"

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